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Spanning Generations!

At Legacy Builders, crafting homes isn't merely a job; it's our legacy. Rooted in Carmel, Indiana, and passed down through generations, we've fully embraced the art crafting custom homes that embody your family's dreams and traditions.

Starting with John T. Schutz in 1967, Legacy Builders blossomed from Schutz &Thompson and is now solely focused on constructing semi-custom homes for our family's latest venture, a tribute to our father on 17 acres in Carmel, IN—Bedford Falls of Carmel.!


Since We Started

When considering a significant investment, you seek out a company or individual with a remarkable history of success. Steve Schutz, the owner and Director of Construction, has garnered over 70% of his business through referrals.


Homes Built

Building Homes that Embody Your Family's Dreams

Building Homes that Embody Your Family's Dreams

Crafting Your Vision

Every home we build encapsulates the essence of your family's dreams. Bedford Falls of Carmel is a single builder community for those 55 and better. Our base plans, meticulously crafted by a renowned team, are tailored specifically for this demographic. These plans serve as the starting point, allowing you to shape your home according to your specific requirements and preferences. From the initial plan modifications to the final brick laid, we meticulously weave your aspirations into every facet of the design. We understand that a home is more than walls and roofs; it's the sanctuary where your story unfolds.

Building Homes as Chapters in Your Family's Story

Building Homes as Chapters in Your Family's Story

The Legacy Lives On

As we continue our journey, the legacy endures. Each home built by Legacy Builders becomes a chapter in our storybook, a testament to our dedication to creating not just structures, but enduring legacies. We're honored to carry on the tradition of crafting homes that stand as a testament to your family's dreams.

Legacy Builders

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Established as a generational family business, Legacy Builders embodies a tradition of excellence, integrity, and craftsmanship. With deep roots in Carmel, we've witnessed the community grow and evolve, and our commitment to constructing exceptional homes has stood the test of time.

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